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Project Description

Everybody hates that named colors aren't available in Silverlight’s System.Windows.Media.Colors namespace. And using hex strings for colors is difficult, too. This project solves both those nuisances. It provides a DLL that makes using named colors as natural as God intended it to be. The cleverly constructed source code is included here, in case you care.


Below is a Visual Studio screenshot of some code that uses the DLL. Note the reference to the NamedColorsLibrary library and the "using ColorUtilities" namespace line.

Below is the standard list of all the known named colors (we have all 141 of them in the ColorUtilities namespace).

Care and Feeding

  1. Download and unzip it
  2. Add a reference to NamedColorsLibrary in your Silvertlight app
  3. Add a "using ColorUtilities" namespace line to your .cs file
  4. Use it!

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